Le domaine Yvon et Laurent Vocoret est une exploitation viticole à haute valeur environnementale

Our Vineyards and our expertise


“Easter arrives early or late depending on the bud”- an old saying that is still relevant today. The gentle warmth of spring wakes the vines. The sap rises, swelling the buds. 15 days elapse between the tiny, green dots and the first leaves spreading. The winemaker fears a spring frost which could destroy the harvest within a few hours.

We monitor the growth of the new twigs, and begin attaching them to the trellis wire, as they are still fragile. This way, they will be protected from the strong winds of any forthcoming storms.

Another major part of monitoring to take into account is the sneak attacks of mildew and powdery mildew fungal diseases, for which a preventive treatment may be applied to the vine.

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