Le domaine Yvon et Laurent Vocoret est une exploitation viticole à haute valeur environnementale

Our Vineyards and our expertise


In November, the first frost of All Saint’s Day has put the vines in vegetative rest.

We can now begin pruning. Each vine branch is a masterpiece sculpted by Nature through the good and tumultuous seasons: cold spells, rain, frost, hail and drought, etc,… Only the trained eye and knowledgeable skills of the trimmer can prepare the next harvest and preserve the heritage of the vineyard, as he begins to trim with his pruning shears. The pruning process will continue until the end of March, if all goes well.

We then intervene with our straddle tractor to plow our vine land to lighten the structure of the soils, a cultivating process for preparing new ground and destroying resistant weeds.

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