Le domaine Yvon et Laurent Vocoret est une exploitation viticole à haute valeur environnementale

Our Vineyards and our expertise

Vine treatments

For 5 generations, we’ve been working with one objective in mind: respecting our vines and our soils. The vines represent our patrimony and the soil represents a global rarity and treasure which gives our wines their mineral structure and elegant taste.

Since about the last 40 years we have been using organic soil materials, which forces the soil to do its own work in order to transform organic materials to minerals so that the vine can feed itself and produce in a natural, sustainable way to guarantee a quality vintage.

For three years now, we have opted to work the land and soil, plowing and hoeing to completely eliminate the use of weed killers, respecting our soil.

For our fight against mildews, fungal diseases and pests, we limit our treatments but it requires enormous surveillance, and indeed, we do not have the right to eliminate these interventions because the quality of the harvest and the reassurance of vine longevity and good health depend on them.

There is no anti-botrytis treatment, which allows us to have a more harmonious harvest maturity and to obtain thinner, richer skin for a better quality of musts.

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